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Uji, Hirotaka

Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Material Chemistry Assistant Professor

Uji, Hirotaka
    Last Updated :2022/06/23

    Basic Information


    • 工学部

    Academic Degree

    • 修士(工学)(京都大学)
    • 博士(工学)(京都大学)

    Academic Resume (Graduate Schools)

    • 京都大学, 大学院工学研究科修士課程材料化学専攻, 修了
    • 京都大学, 大学院工学研究科博士後期課程材料化学専攻, 修了

    Academic Resume (Undergraduate School/Majors)

    • 京都大学, 工学部工業化学科, 卒業

    Research History

    • From Jun. 2016, To Present
      Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering Department of Material Chemistry, 助教


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      Last Updated :2022/06/23


      Research Interests

      • 分子ダイポール工学
      • bio-related chemistry
      • peptide chemistry
      • molecular device

      Research Areas

      • Life sciences, Biomaterials
      • Nanotechnology/Materials, Polymer chemistry
      • Informatics, Statistical science


      • Construction and Piezoelectric Properties of a Single-Peptide Nanotube Composed of Cyclic β-peptides with Helical Peptides on the Side Chains
        Taichi Kurita; Tomoaki Terabayashi; Shunsaku Kimura; Keiji Numata; Hirotaka Uji
        Biomacromolecules, 17 May 2021, Peer-reviewed
      • Synthetic Mitochondria-Targeting Peptides Incorporating α-Aminoisobutyric Acid with a Stable Amphiphilic Helix Conformation in Plant Cells
        Kayo Terada; Joan Gimenez-Dejoz; Taichi Kurita; Kazusato Oikawa; Hirotaka Uji; Kousuke Tsuchiya; Keiji Numata
        ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 19 Feb. 2021, Peer-reviewed
      • A Novel 89Zr-Labeled DDS Device Utilizing Human IgG Variant (scFv): “Lactosome” Nanoparticle-Based Theranostics for PET Imaging and Targeted Therapy
        Melissa Siaw Han Lim; Takashi Ohtsuki; Fumiaki Takenaka; Kazuko Kobayashi; Masaru Akehi; Hirotaka Uji; Hirotsugu Kobuchi; Takanori Sasaki; Eiichi Ozeki; Eiji Matsuura
        Life, 18 Feb. 2021, Peer-reviewed
      • Piezoelectric properties reflecting nanostructures of tetrathiafulvalene and chloranil complexes using cyclic peptide nanotube scaffolds
        Hiroshi Ohmura; Yuki Tabata; Shunsaku Kimura; Hirotaka Uji
        Peptide Science, 16 Sep. 2020, Peer-reviewed
      • A Novel Surface Modification and Immobilization Method of Anti-CD25 Antibody on Nonwoven Fabric Filter Removing Regulatory T Cells Selectively
        Yota Okuno; Yuji Yamazaki; Hiroki Fukutomi; Susumu Kuno; Mikitomo Yasutake; Mizuki Sugiura; Cheol Joo Kim; Shunsaku Kimura; Hirotaka Uji
        ACS OMEGA, Jan. 2020, Peer-reviewed
      • Engineering pH-responsive switching of donor-pi-acceptor chromophore alignments along a peptide nanotube scaffold
        Yuki Tabata; Yusuke Kamano; Shunsaku Kimura; Hirotaka Uji
        RSC ADVANCES, Jan. 2020, Peer-reviewed
      • The effect of macrodipole orientation on the piezoelectric response of cyclic beta-peptide nanotube bundles on gold substrates
        Yuki Tabata; Shota Mitani; Hirotaka Uji; Tomoya Imai; Shunsaku Kimura
        POLYMER JOURNAL, Jun. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Sterical Recognition at Helix-Helix Interface of Leu-Aib-Based Polypeptides with and without a GxxxG-Motif
        Toru Itagaki; Hirotaka Uji; Tomoya Imai; Shunsaku Kimura
        LANGMUIR, Jun. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Electronic Properties of Cyclic beta-Peptide Nanotube Bundles Reflecting Structural Arrangement
        Yuki Tabata; Yusuke Kamano; Hirotaka Uji; Tomoya Imai; Shunsaku Kimura
        CHEMISTRY LETTERS, Apr. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Chiral and random arrangements of flavin chromophores along cyclic peptide nanotubes on gold influencing differently on surface potential and piezoelectricity
        Yusuke Kamano; Yuki Tabata; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        RSC ADVANCES, Jan. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Piezoelectric property of bundled peptide nanotubes stapled by bis-cyclic-beta-peptide
        Yuki Tabata; Kazushi Takagaki; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE SCIENCE, Jan. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Joining Nanotubes Comprising Nucleobase-carrying Amphiphilic Polypeptides
        Toru Itagaki; Yuna Ueda; Kenji Itabashi; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        CHIMIA, Dec. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Compartmentalized host spaces accommodating guest aromatic molecules in a chiral way in a helix-peptide-aromatic framework
        Hirotaka Uji; Junya Ogawa; Kenji Itabashi; Tomoya Imai; Shunsaku Kimura
        CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Nov. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Two one-dimensional arrays of naphthyl and anthryl groups along peptide nanotubes prepared from cyclic peptides comprising alpha- and beta-amino acids
        Yuki Tabata; Hirotaka Uji; Tomoya Imai; Shunsaku Kimura
        SOFT MATTER, Oct. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Temperature-Induced Phase Separation in Molecular Assembly of Nanotubes Comprising Amphiphilic Polypeptoid with Poly(N-ethyl glycine) in Water by a Hydrophilic-Region-Driven-Type Mechanism
        Tetsuya Hattori; Toru Itagaki; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, Jul. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Phase-Separated Molecular Assembly of a Nanotube Composed of Amphiphilic Polypeptides Having a Helical Hydrophobic Block
        Toru Itagaki; Saki Kurauchi; Tsuguaki Uebayashi; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        ACS OMEGA, Jul. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Flexible Modulation of Electronic Band Structures of Wide Band Gap GaN Semiconductors Using Bioinspired, Nonbiological Helical Peptides
        Sven Mehlhose; Nataliya Frenkel; Hirotaka Uji; Sara Hölzel; Gesche Müntze; Daniel Stock; Silvio Neugebauer; Armin Dadgar; Wasim Abuillan; Martin Eickhoff; Shunsaku Kimura; Motomu Tanaka
        Advanced Functional Materials, 10 Jan. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Osmotic-shock-resistant vesicle comprising interdigitated monolayer of block polypeptides
        Toru Itagaki; Wakana Nobe; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        Chemistry Letters, 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Effect of oscillation dynamics on long-range electron transfer in a helical peptide monolayer
        Daisuke Matsushita; Hirotaka Uji; Shunsaku Kimura
        Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Accordion-like oscillation mode of helical peptides analyzed by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
        Toru Itagaki; Daisuke Matsushita; Hirotaka Uji; Takashi Fujii; Visbal Heidy; Kazuyuki Hirao; Shunsaku Kimura
        Chemistry Letters, 2017, Peer-reviewed
      • Electronic Properties of Tetrathiafulvalene-Modified Cyclic-beta-Peptide Nanotube
        Hirotaka Uji; Hyunji Kim; Tomoya Imai; Shota Mitani; Junji Sugiyama; Shunsaku Kimura
        BIOPOLYMERS, May 2016, Peer-reviewed
      • Prevailing Photocurrent Generation of D-pi-A Type Oligo(phenyleneethynylene) in Contact with Gold over Dexter-Type Energy-Transfer Quenching
        Hirotaka Uji; Taichi Ito; Mitsuaki Matsumoto; Shunsaku Kimura
        JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, Mar. 2016, Peer-reviewed
      • O-2-Triggered Directional Switching of Photocurrent in Self Assembled Monolayer Composed of Porphyrin- and Fullerene-Terminated Helical Peptides on Gold
        Hirotaka Uji; Kazuyoshi Tanaka; Shunsaku Kimura
        JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, Feb. 2016, Peer-reviewed
      • Anodic Photocurrent Generation by Porphyrin-Terminated Helical Peptide Monolayers on Gold
        Hirotaka Uji; Yuji Yatsunami; Shunsaku Kimura
        JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, Apr. 2015, Peer-reviewed
      • Molecular direction dependence of single-molecule conductance of a helical peptide in molecular junction
        Hirotaka Uji; Tomoyuki Morita; Shunsaku Kimura
      • Downsizing to 25-nm Reverse Polymeric Micelle Composed of AB(3)-type Polydepsipeptide with Comprising siRNA
        Hirotaka Uji; Naoki Watabe; Tatsuya Komi; Tomoki Sakaguchi; Ryo Akamatsu; Kenta Mihara; Shunsaku Kimura
        CHEMISTRY LETTERS, Mar. 2022


      • 分子ダイポールを組織化したペプチド材料の電気的特性解析
        木村 俊作; 宇治 広隆; 田畑 友基; 大村 紘司; 釜野 雄輔
        日本化学繊維研究所講演集 Annual report of the Research Institute for Chemical Fibers, Japan, Jan. 2019
      • 環状βペプチドナノチューブを足場に用いた芳香族官能基の配列制御
        木村 俊作; 宇治 広隆; 田畑 有基
        日本化学繊維研究所講演集 Annual report of the Research Institute for Chemical Fibers, Japan, Jan. 2017
      • ヘリックスペプチドを用いる光電変換分子システムと分子コンダクタンスの考察 (特別記念号)
        木村 俊作; 宇治 広隆; 八並 裕治
        日本化学繊維研究所講演集 Annual report of the Research Institute for Chemical Fibers, Japan, 2013
      • Investigation on single helical peptide conductance in a gold-peptide-gold junction
        Hirotaka Uji; Tomoyuki Morita; Shunsaku Kimura

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • Construction of artificial photo-energy conversion nanodevices utilizing helical peptide macro-dipole moment
        Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
        Basic Section 28010:Nanometer-scale chemistry-related
        Kyoto University
        Hirotaka Uji
        From 01 Apr. 2019, To 31 Mar. 2021, Project Closed
      • 外部電場によるペプチド分子集合体のトポロジカル分離
        Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
        Basic Section 28010:Nanometer-scale chemistry-related
        Kyoto University
        宇治 広隆
        From 01 Apr. 2022, To 31 Mar. 2025, Adopted
        Last Updated :2022/06/23


        Teaching subject(s)

        • From Apr. 2020, To Mar. 2021
          Fundamental Chemical Experiments
          Spring, 全学共通科目