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Sun, Wenzhe

Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Urban Management

Sun, Wenzhe
    Last Updated :2024/06/28

    Basic Information

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    Academic Degree

    • 2020

    Academic Resume (Graduate Schools)

    • Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Urban Management, Master's Degree
    • Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Urban Management, PhD

    Research History

    • From Jun. 2020, To Present
      Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering Department of Urban Management, Research fellow

    Language of Instruction

    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • English


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      Last Updated :2024/06/28


      Research Areas

      • Social infrastructure (civil Engineering, architecture, disaster prevention), Civil engineering (planning and transportation)


      • The Impact of COVID-19 Policies on Nightlife in Kyoto
        Koki Nozawa; Wenzhe Sun; Jan Dirk Schmoecker; Satoshi Nakao
        Findings, 05 Jun. 2024
      • Unravelling route choices of large trucks using trajectory clustering and conditional Logit models
        Yue Ma; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Wenzhe Sun; Satoshi Nakao
        International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology, Apr. 2024
      • Traffic resilience quantification based on macroscopic fundamental diagrams and analysis using topological attributes
        Qing-Long Lu; Wenzhe Sun; Jiannan Dai; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Constantinos Antoniou
        Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Jul. 2024
      • Analyzing demand reduction and recovery of major rail stations in Japan during COVID-19 using mobile spatial statistics
        Jiannan Dai; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Wenzhe Sun
        Asian Transport Studies, 2024
      • Activity Reduction as Resilience Indicator: Evidence with Filomena Data
        Enrique Santiago-Iglesias; Jan Dirk Schmöcker; Jose Carpio-Pinedo; Juan Carlos García-Palomares; Wenzhe Sun
        Findings, 26 Oct. 2023
      • Demonstrating the feasibility of using Wi-Fi sensors for dynamic bus-stop queue length estimation
        Hyungsub Jee; Wenzhe Sun; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Toshiyuki Nakamura
        Public Transport, 27 Sep. 2023
      • Frozen city: Analysing the disruption and resilience of urban activities during a heavy snowfall event using Google Popular Times
        Enrique Santiago-Iglesias; José Carpio-Pinedo; Wenzhe Sun; Juan Carlos García-Palomares
        Urban Climate, Sep. 2023
      • On the Relationship Between Crowdsourced Sentiments and Mobility Trends During COVID-19: A Case Study of Kyoto
        Wenzhe Sun; Hironori Kobayashi; Satoshi Nakao; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker
        Data Science for Transportation, Aug. 2023
      • Explaining and Predicting Station Demand Patterns Using Google Popular Times Data
        Teethat Vongvanich; Wenzhe Sun; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker
        Data Science for Transportation, Jun. 2023
      • Exploring the profitability of using electric bus fleets for transport and power grid services
        Fan Fei; Wenzhe Sun; Riccardo Iacobucci; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker
        Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Apr. 2023
      • Explaining a century of Swiss regional development by deep learning and SHAP values
        Youxi Lai; Wenzhe Sun; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Koji Fukuda; Kay W Axhausen
        Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, Oct. 2023
      • Calibration of sightseeing tour choices considering multiple decision criteria with diminishing reward
        Kai Shen; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Wenzhe Sun; Ali Gul Qureshi
        Transportation, 28 May 2022
      • Restrictive and stimulative impacts of COVID-19 policies on activity trends: A case study of Kyoto
        Sun, W.; Schmöcker, J.-D.; Nakao, S.
        Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 2022
      • On the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity in bus bunching prediction
        Wenzhe Sun; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker; Toshiyuki Nakamura
        Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 04 Jul. 2021
      • Demand estimation for public transport network planning
        Wenzhe Sun; Jan-Dirk Schmöcker
        The Routledge Handbook of Public Transport, 02 Apr. 2021
      • Estimating the route-level passenger demand profile from bus dwell times
        Sun, W.; Schmöcker, J.-D.; Fukuda, K.
        Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 2021
      • Considering passenger choices and overtaking in the bus bunching problem
        Sun, W.; Schmöcker, J.-D.
        Transportmetrica B, 2018
      • Bus bunching along a corridor served by two lines
        Schmöcker, J.-D.; Sun, W.; Fonzone, A.; Liu, R.
        Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2016


      • Bus Bunching under Consideration of Passenger Choice between Bunched Buses
        SCHMOECKER Jan-Dirk; SUN Wenzhe
        土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM), 2015