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Kasai, Masatoshi

Graduate School of Medicine, Medicine Assistant Professor

Kasai, Masatoshi
    Last Updated :2024/06/28

    Basic Information


    • 医学部

    Professional Memberships

    • Society for Neuroscience
    • The Japan Neuroscience Society
    • The Physiological Society of Japan

    Academic Degree

    • M.S.(Kobe University)
    • Ph.D.(Kyoto University)

    Academic Resume (Graduate Schools)

    • Kobe University, Graduate school of Science, Biology, 修了
    • Kyoto University, Gradate school of Medicine, Medicine, 修了

    Academic Resume (Undergraduate School/Majors)

    • Kobe University, Faculty of Science, Biology, 卒業

    Research History

    • From Jul. 2016, To Oct. 2016
      Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University, Physiology and Neuroscience, Postdoc researcher
    • From Apr. 2012, To Jun. 2016
      National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Department of Developmental Physiology, Postdoc researcher


    Website(s) (URL(s))

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      Last Updated :2024/06/28


      Research Topics, Overview of the research

      • Research Topics

        Neural mechanisms of visual processing and visuomotor transformation in the superior colliculus
      • Overview of the research

        Superior colliculus (SC) has a key role for neural basis of visuomotor transformation and formation of our attention. Most visual information is processed in the visual cortices and the SC also process visual information in parallel. I am interested in the meaning and neural circuit mechanisms of this subcortical visual processing.

      Research Interests

      • in vivo electrophysiology
      • in vivo Two-photon imaging
      • Inferior Colliculus
      • Superior Colliculus

      Research Areas

      • Life sciences, Neuroscience - general


      • Effects of light isoflurane anesthesia on organization of direction and orientation selectivity in the superficial layer of the mouse superior colliculus
        Masatoshi Kasai; Tadashi Isa
        The Journal of Neuroscience, 06 Dec. 2021, Peer-reviewed, Lead author, Corresponding author
      • Anatomical and electrophysiological analysis of cholinergic inputs from the parabigeminal nucleus to the superficial superior colliculus.
        Kota Tokuoka; Masatoshi Kasai; Kenta Kobayashi; Tadashi Isa
        Journal of neurophysiology, 21 Oct. 2020, Peer-reviewed
      • Integrative taxonomic approach of trypanosomes in the blood of rodents and soricids in Asian countries, with the description of three new species.
        Mafie E; Saito-Ito A; Kasai M; Hatta M; Rivera PT; Ma XH; Chen ER; Sato H; Takada N
        Parasitology research, Oct. 2018, Peer-reviewed
      • Imaging population dynamics of surround suppression in the superior colliculus
        Masatoshi Kasai; Tadashi Isa
        EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, Oct. 2016, Peer-reviewed, Lead author
      • In vivo two-photon imaging of dendritic spines in marmoset neocortex
        Osamu Sadakane; Akiya Watakabe; Masanari Ohtsuka; Masafumi Takaji; Tetsuya Sasaki; Masatoshi Kasai; Tadashi Isa; Go Kato; Junichi Nabekura; Hiroaki Mizukami; Keiya Ozawa; Hiroshi Kawasaki; Tetsuo Yamamori
        eNeuro, 2015, Peer-reviewed
      • Distinct neural firing mechanisms to tonal stimuli offset in the inferior colliculus of mice in vivo
        Masatoshi Kasai; Munenori Ono; Harunori Ohmori
        NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH, Jul. 2012, Peer-reviewed, Lead author, Corresponding author
      • Survey of Babesia microti infection in field rodents in Japan: Records of the Kobe-type in new foci and findings of a new type related to the Otsu-type
        Atsuko Saito-Ito; Midori Kasahara; Masatoshi Kasai; Anchalee Dantrakool; Atsuko Kawai; Hiromi Fujita; Yasuhiro Yano; Hiroki Kawabata; Nobuhiro Takada
        MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY, 2007, Peer-reviewed


      • Population dynamics of visual responses in mouse superior colliculus
        KASAI Masatoshi
        1st CU- KU Symposium and 4th CU-NIPS Symposium “Advances in Neuroscience Research”, 17 Feb. 2020, Invited
      • Two photon imaging for lateral inhibition of neural ensemble in the superficial layer of the superior colliculus
        Masatoshi Kasai
        Gordon Research Conference Eye Movement, Jul. 2013, Invited
        Tadashi Isa; Masatoshi Kasai; Richard Veale, Joint work, Chapter 39, The Superior Colliculus

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • Elucidation of the neural and molecular basis of functional recovery in the ventral striatum after spinal cord injury in non-human primates
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
        Medium-sized Section 59:Sports sciences, physical education, health sciences, and related fields
        Kobe Gakuin University;Kyoto University
        尾上 浩隆
        From 01 Apr. 2020, To 31 Mar. 2025, Granted
      • Visual information shared between visual cortex and superior colliculus and their mutual regulation mechanisms
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
        Basic Section 46030:Function of nervous system-related
        Kyoto University
        Masatoshi KASAI
        From 01 Apr. 2019, To 31 Mar. 2022, Project Closed
        上丘;視覚;方向選択性;方位選択性;2光子顕微鏡;in vivo イメージング;麻酔;イソフルラン;覚醒;視覚野;経シナプス;カルシウムイメージング;光遺伝学;化学遺伝学;抑制性細胞;経シナプス AAV;in vivo;イメージング
      • Visual space representation in the mouse superior colliculus
        Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
        Kyoto University
        Kasai Masatoshi
        From 01 Apr. 2016, To 31 Mar. 2018, Project Closed
        上丘;2光子顕微鏡;in vivo イメージング;マウス;視覚情報処理;眼球運動;サッカード;カルシウムイメージング;視覚;覚醒下;in vivo;神経科学;生理学
      • Neuronal population activity of visuo-motor transformation in the superior colliculus
        Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
        National Institute for Physiological Sciences
        Masatoshi KASAI
        From 01 Apr. 2014, To 31 Mar. 2016, Project Closed
        上丘;マウス;2光子顕微鏡;in vivo イメージング;側方抑制;視覚;サッカード;眼球運動;in vivo カルシウムイメージング;サッケード;カルシウムイメージング;in vivo
      • Saliency detection by the "unconscious" visuo-motor system
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)
        National Institute for Physiological Sciences
        Tadashi ISA
        From 31 May 2010, To 31 Mar. 2015, Project Closed
      • Neural basis of dynamic regulation of direction and orientation map in the superior colliculus
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
        Basic Section 46030:Function of nervous system-related
        Kyoto University
        笠井 昌俊
        From 01 Apr. 2022, To 31 Mar. 2025, Granted
        上丘;視覚;方位選択性;化学遺伝学;光遺伝学;カルシウムイメージング;2光子顕微鏡;方向選択性;in vivo
        Last Updated :2024/06/28


        Faculty management (title, position)

        • From 01 Apr. 2017, To 31 Mar. 2019