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Kinose, Yuji

Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) Assistant Professor

Kinose, Yuji
    Last Updated :2023/09/22

    Basic Information

    Affiliated programs (koza)

    • Graduate School of Engineering, 高分子化学専攻 高分子設計講座, 助教

    Professional Memberships

    • From Sep. 2021, To Present
    • From Oct. 2018, To Present
    • From Apr. 2018, To Present

    Academic Degree

    • 修士(工学)(京都大学)
    • 博士(工学)(京都大学)

    Academic Resume (Graduate Schools)

    • 京都大学, 大学院工学研究科博士後期課程高分子化学専攻, 修了
    • 京都大学, 大学院工学研究科博士後期課程高分子化学専攻, 研究指導認定退学
    • 京都大学, 大学院工学研究科修士課程高分子化学専攻, 修了

    Academic Resume (Undergraduate School/Majors)

    • 京都大学, 工学部工業化学科, 卒業

    High School

    • High School


    Research History

    • From Jun. 2021, To Present
      Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research Division of Materials Chemistry, Assistant Professor
    • From Oct. 2020, To May 2021
      Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research Division of Materials Chemistry, Research worker
    • From Apr. 2018, To Sep. 2020
      Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research Division of Materials Chemistry, Technical assistant


    researchmap URL

      Last Updated :2023/09/22


      Research Areas

      • Nanotechnology/Materials, Structural and functional materials
      • Nanotechnology/Materials, Polymer chemistry


      • Conformational characteristics of regioselectively PEG/PS-grafted cellulosic bottlebrushes in solution: cross-sectional structure and main-chain stiffness
        Yuji Kinose; Keita Sakakibara; Yoshinobu Tsujii
        Polymer Journal, Apr. 2022, Peer-reviewed
      • Regioselective synthesis of cellulosic janus bottlebrushes with polystyrene and poly (ε-caprolactone) side chains and their solid-state microphase separation
        Keita Sakakibara; Hisayuki Ishida; Yuji Kinose; Yoshinobu Tsujii
        Cellulose, Jul. 2021, Peer-reviewed
      • Near-Zero Azimuthal Anchoring of Liquid Crystals Assisted by Viscoelastic Bottlebrush Polymers
        Yuji Kinose; Keita Sakakibara; Osamu Sato; Yoshinobu Tsujii
        ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 14 May 2021, Peer-reviewed
      • Main-Chain Stiffness of Cellulosic Bottlebrushes with Polystyrene Side Chains Introduced Regioselectively at the O-6 Position
        Yuji Kinose; Keita Sakakibara; Hiroki Ogawa; Yoshinobu Tsujii
        Macromolecules, 26 Nov. 2019, Peer-reviewed
      • Novel in-plane switching liquid crystal display with an extremely high transmittance using a well-designed bottlebrush as a zero-azimuth anchoring material
        Osamu Sato; Harumi Okuno; Isao Adachi; Junji Watanabe; Masatoshi Tokita; Keita Sakakibara; Yuji Kinose; Atsushi Goto; Yoshinobu Tsujii
        Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 01 Jun. 2019, Peer-reviewed


      • ゼロ面アンカリング界面を活用した新規液晶ディスプレイとゼロ面アンカリングの発現機構
        佐藤治; 黄瀬雄司; 野田尚宏; 平賀浩二; 筒井皇晶; 榊原圭太; 辻井敬亘
        日本液晶学会誌『液晶』, Oct. 2021, Peer-reviewed, Invited
      • Structure and Function of Bottlebrush Polymer: [i] Control of Confirmation by Stiff Main Chain and [ii] Anchoring Properties of Liquid Crystal Determined by Mobility of Side Chain
        Yuji Kinose
        Sen'i Gakkaishi, 15 Apr. 2021

      Books and Other Publications

      • Cellulose Science and Technology: Chemistry, Analysis, and Applications
        Keita Sakakibara; Yuji Kinose; Yoshinobu Tsujii, Contributor, Synthesis of cellulosic bottlebrushes with regioselectively substituted side chains and their self-assembly
        John Wiley & Sons Inc, Jan. 2019

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • Synthesis of asymmetric polymer-brush-modified nanorods and formation of their ordered structures
        Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
        Basic Section 35020:Polymer materials-related
        Kyoto University
        黄瀬 雄司
        From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2026, Granted
        Last Updated :2023/09/22


        Teaching subject(s)

        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          Fundamental Chemical Experiments
          N308, Fall, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2

        Part-time lecturer

        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 30 Sep. 2023
          前期96時間, 京都大学, 工学部
        • From 01 Apr. 2022, To 30 Sep. 2022
          前期72時間, 工学部
          Last Updated :2023/09/22


          Faculty management (title, position)

          • From 01 Apr. 2023, To Present
            京都大学宇治地区化学物質・実験排水系管理委員会 委員
          • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2025
            化学物質専門委員会 委員
          • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2025
            化学物質専門小委員会 委員
          • From 01 Apr. 2022, To 31 Mar. 2023