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Tsuchiya, Kisho

Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) Assistant Professor

Tsuchiya, Kisho
    Last Updated :2024/07/05

    Basic Information

    Academic Degree

    • PhD(National University of Singapore)
    • M.A.(National University of Singapore)

    Research History

    • From Apr. 2019, To Sep. 2021
      National University of Singapore, Department of History, Postdoctoral Fellow


    researchmap URL

      Last Updated :2024/07/05


      Research Interests

      • oral history
      • Nationalism
      • postcolonialism
      • Decolonization
      • Cold War
      • Christianity
      • Indonesia
      • The Phlippines
      • Mindanao
      • Timor-Leste
      • Southeast Asia

      Research Areas

      • Humanities & social sciences, History - Asia/Africa, Timor-Leste, the Philippines, Cold War, Colonialism, Decolonization


      • What was “Independence” for the East Timorese?
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Revista Oriente, 01 Dec. 2022
      • ナショナリズムの展望 ―
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        CSEAS Newsletter, 01 Mar. 2022
      • 防疫体制と草の根保守 ―― 北部ミンダナオからの視点
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        CSEAS Newsletter, 01 May 2020
      • COVID-19 Prevention and Society: A View from Northern Mindanao
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        CSEAS Newsletter, 01 May 2020
      • Awkwardly Included:
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Asian Review, 01 Nov. 2017
      • Awkwardly included: Portugal and Indonesia’s politics of multi-culturalism in East Timor, 1942 to the early 1990s
        Asian Review, Nov. 2017, Peer-reviewed, Invited, Lead author
      • Historiography of Timor-Leste: National Diversity and History Writing
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Occasional Papers Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies, Sophia University, 01 Mar. 2023, Invited, Lead author
      • What was *Independence* for the East Timorese? A historian's autobiographical reflections over perceptions of the past
        Revista Oriente, Feb. 2023, Peer-reviewed, Invited, Lead author
      • Southeast Asian cultural landscape, resistance, and belonging in East Timor's FRETILIN Movement (1974–75)
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 06 Oct. 2021
      • Representing Timor: Histories, geo-bodies, and belonging, 1860s–2018
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Sep. 2019
      • Indigenization of the Pacific War in Timor Island: A Multi-language Study of its Contexts and Impact
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        War & Society, 02 Jan. 2019
      • Converting Tetun: Colonial Missionaries’ Conceptual Mapping in the Timorese Cosmology and Some Local Responses, 1874–1937
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Indonesia, 2019
      • ポルトガル領ティモールにおける19世紀後半から20世紀初頭の宣教テキストのテトゥン語訳
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        東南アジア研究, 2018


      • Mindanaoan Commoners' Perceptions of Martial Law and Communism as Foundations for Grassroots Conservativism
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        AAS-in-Asia, 11 Jul. 2024, Invited
      • How to Approach Cold War Asia
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        AAS-in-Asia, 09 Jul. 2024
      • Roundtable on Tsuchiya, Emplacing East Timor
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        AAS-in-Asia, 08 Jul. 2024, Invited
      • Smuggling Modernities: Female Smugglers, Megacorporation and the Maritime Networks in Northern Mindanao, 1940-90s
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        A Public Lecture by Prof. Tsuchiya Kisho, Ph.D at Ateneo de Davao University, 25 Aug. 2023
      • History, Oral Literature, and Archaeology: Decolonizing Historical Methodology to understand East Timorese Past
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Timor-Leste Studies Association, 12 Jul. 2023
      • Reconsidering the Mid-Twentieth Century in Portuguese Timor: A Comparison of Portuguese and Japanese Archives
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        AAS-in-Asia, 25 Jun. 2023
      • Peace and Culture: The Case of the Historical Cycle of Conflict in Timor-Leste
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        30 th Year Anniversary Event and Cultural Performance Commemorating the Death of Former UNV NAKATA ATSUHITO, 05 Apr. 2023, Invited
      • History Writings on Timor-Leste: Beyond the Activist Origin and the Global Division of Labor
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        the Association for Asian Studies special initiative, Addressing Multiple Marginalities in South and Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 09 Dec. 2022, Invited
      • Theorizing Southeast Asia’s unCold Wars: Timor-Leste in 1974-75
        Forum of History, 20 Aug. 2022, Invited
      • “Female Smugglers in Northern Mindanao: Oral History of Subaltern Experience, Transnational Networks and Infrastructure
        Southeast Asian Hub, 2022 International Feminist Journal of Politics International Conference, 23 Jul. 2022, Invited
      • 東ティモール研究史の形成と現在 ー 国民の多様性と歴史学
        東ティモール民主共和国<主権回復>20周年記念シンポジウム - 2002年の「主権回復」を問い直す, 21 May 2022, Invited
      • “Megacorporation, Female Smugglers, and the Inter-Asian Networks They Developed in Northern Mindanao, from the 1940s-90s”
        Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies,, 25 Mar. 2022, Invited
      • “Emplacing (East) Timor: A history of space and belonging, from the 1850s to our time”
        CSEAS Colloquium, 25 Nov. 2021, Invited
      • “Pandemic Prevention and Society: Ordinary’ People’s Experience and Responses in Northern Mindanao, the Philippines”
        KASEAS-CSEAS Joint Conference, 12 Nov. 2021
      • “Southeast Asia and I: Autoethnographic Reflections”
        SEASIA Emerging Scholars Conversation Series, 04 Oct. 2021, Invited
      • “Theorizing Southeast Asia’s unCold Wars ”
        Doing Theory in Southeast Asia Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Invited
      • “Borderland Conflicts in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Approach”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        the 2021 Nanqiang Young Scholar Cloud Forum, Xiamen University, 19 Mar. 2021, Invited
      • “Smuggling Modernities: Smugglers as Agents of Inter-Asian Connectivity in Northern Mindanao, 1940-90s,”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Inter-Asia Academy: Integration and Disintegration in Inter-Asian Perspective (Social Science Research Council’s Inter-Asia Program), Invited
      • “Making of a Simulacrum: Conceptualizing Timor’s unCold War, 1974-1975”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        AAS-in-Asia, Koube, Invited
      • “Fernando Sylvan’s Changing Metageography from 1940-70s: Ambiguities of the Portuguese-Timorese Literary Figure’s Sense of Belonging,”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Timor-Leste Studies Initiative at Association for Asian Studies Virtual Workshop, Invited
      • “Constructing East Timor: History, Identity, and Place, 1850 – 1999.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        International Convention of Asia Scholars, Leiden University, Leiden, 16 Jul. 2019, Invited
      • “Advocacy, Human-Rights NGOs, and the Making of Anglophone East Timor Studies.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        International Convention of Asia Scholars, Leiden University, Leiden, 19 Jul. 2019, Invited
      • “Making of a Cold War Simulacrum: FRETILIN and the unCold War in Timor, 1974-1975.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        The Second Workshop of Reconceptualizing the Cold War: On-the-ground Experiences in Asia, 23 Jun. 2019, Invited
      • “Two Imaginations of a Timorese Nation: Space and Belonging of FRETILIN Movement in Portuguese and Tetun, 1974-1976.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Annual Conference, Association for Asian Studies, Denver,, 23 Mar. 2019, Invited
      • “Timor as a Border-Island: History, Metageography, and Identity.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies in Washington D.C., 24 Mar. 2018, Invited
      • “Indigenization of the Pacific War in Timor Island: A Multi-Language Study of Its Contexts and Impact.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        New Research on Timor-Leste: Research Conference. 6th Timor-Leste Studies Association Conference, Liceu Campus, Universidade Nacional Timor-Leste,, 29 Jul. 2017, Invited
      • “Awkwardly Included: ‘Unity in Diversity’ as the Portuguese & Indonesian Ideology in East Timor.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Political Ideologies in Southeast Asia, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand,, 08 Jul. 2017, Invited
      • “Converting Tetun: The Early Missionary Texts in a Timorese Language and the Timorese Absent Presence 1875-1937.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Timor-Leste Studies Workshop at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, 13 Mar. 2017, Invited
      • “Radical Discourses and Reynaldo Ileto: An Introduction to a Non-Fascist History Writing.”
        Kisho Tsuchiya
        Historiography and Nation since Pasyon and Revolution: Conference in Honor of Professor Reynaldo Ileto, 08 Feb. 2013, Invited

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • ミンダナオ民衆の個人史から再考する20世紀-草の根保守層の形成に関する調査
        Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
        Basic Section 80010:Area studies-related
        Kyoto University
        土屋 喜生
        From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2026, Granted
      • The Development of a Cross-Institutional Platform for Sharing Bibliographical Information of Core Journals for Southeast Asian Area Studies
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
        Basic Section 90020:Library and information science, humanistic and social informatics-related
        Kyoto University
        木谷 公哉
        From 01 Apr. 2024, To 31 Mar. 2027, Granted
        Last Updated :2024/07/05


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          • From Aug. 2021, To Present
            Preparation Committee, Timor-Leste Studies Initiative, Association for Asian Studies