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Omata Rappo, Hitomi

The HAKUBI Center for Advanced Research Program-Specific Associate Professor

Omata Rappo, Hitomi
    Last Updated :2023/09/28

    Basic Information

    Professional Memberships

    • European Society of Japanese Studies
    • Japanese Society of Kirishitan Culture
    • Renaissance Society of America
    • Société Franco-Japonaise des Études Orientals

    Academic Degree

    • 博士(文学)(Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes)
    • 博士(文学)(フリブール大学)
    • 修士(文学)(ストラスブール大学)
    • 修士(文学)(東京大学)

    Research History

    • From Oct. 2021, To Present
      Kyoto University, Hakubi Center/Institute for Research in Humanities, Associate Professor
    • From Apr. 2020, To Sep. 2021
      Kyoto University, Graduate School of Letters, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellow
    • From Apr. 2019, To Mar. 2020
      Sophia Univ., Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellow
    • From Sep. 2018, To Mar. 2019
      EHESS, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, CéSoR, Centre d'études en sciences sociales du religieux, Adjunct
    • From Aug. 2017, To Jul. 2018
      Harvard University, History Department, Visiting Fellow
    • From Sep. 2016, To Jul. 2017
      Boston College, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, Visiting Researcher
    • From Sep. 2012, To Jun. 2013
      Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Resident Researcher
    • From Aug. 2001, To Aug. 2002
      University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Japan Illinois Club Scholarship)


    • Profile

      The foundation of my research rests upon a fundamental question regarding the composition of historical narratives. Having experienced both life in the USA and Europe, one becomes acutely conscious of the prevailing tendency to craft the global narrative from their own vantage point. In essence, my research endeavors to illustrate that a portion of the historical discourse concerning Japan is, in reality, influenced by Western perspectives. The study of the pre-modern phenomenon of 'martyrdom' serves as a pertinent avenue for unveiling this phenomenon. Presently, I am delving deeper into exploring the broader implications of how history is both written and conceptualized.

      I am currently living in Kyoto, Japan, as the first researcher in the History of Christian Thought/History to be selected in the Hakubi project of Kyoto University.



      A new review of my first book in French (monograph, published in 2020) was published in "Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales".

      [French] "Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales", Volume 78 , Issue 1 , March 2023, pp. 184 - 187,

      The book has also been reviewed in French and Japanese as follows.

      [French] "ASDIWAL: Revue genevoise d'anthropologie et d'histoire des religions" No. 16 (2021) /pdf/no16/Asdiwal16-ComptesRendus14.pdf

      [Japanese] The French-Japanese Society for Oriental Studies "Correspondence" vol. 45 (2022)


      There are also reviews of recent monograph in Japanese.

      Mainichi Shimbun (1 Apr 2023) 'This Week's Bookshelf' (by Ryoji Motomura, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

      Shikoku Shimbun (11 Jun 2023) 'Mini book review'


    researchmap URL

      Last Updated :2023/09/28


      Research Interests

      • Intellectual History of Christianity
      • Global History
      • Rekishi Sogo
      • Religion-related historical perceptions
      • Issues related to the division of World History and Japanese History in Japan
      • Cancel Culture
      • History of Saints
      • Catholic Church
      • 日仏交流史
      • 日欧交流史
      • French History
      • European History
      • Conceptual History
      • Cross Cultural Communications
      • Missiology
      • Christian History
      • Religious History

      Research Areas

      • Humanities & social sciences, History - Europe/America, History of Early Modern Christianity


      • Jesuits as Yamabushi:Japan as Seen by an Enlightenment Thinker
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        The Zinbun Gakuhō : Journal of Humanities, Jun. 2023, Peer-reviewed
      • From the Cross to the Pyre: The Representation of the Martyrs of Japan in Jesuit Prints
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Journal of Jesuit Studies, May 2023, Peer-reviewed, Invited, Lead author
      • Cancel Culture Targeted Historical Concepts
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO
        GENDAI SHISOU Special Issue: Frontiers of Knowledge - 23 Intellectuals Who Can Interpret the World Today, Jan. 2023, Invited
      • 【PDF Online】History and Historiography of Martyrdom in Japan
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        The Palgrave Handbook of the Catholic Church in East Asia, 2022, Peer-reviewed, Lead author
      • Traveling relics between Japan and Europe (17th-18th century)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Metropolitan Historical Association, The journal of historical studies, Dec. 2021, Peer-reviewed, Invited, Lead author
      • 【PDF Online】When Images Betray Words: Texts and Illustrations in Nicolas Trigault’s History of the Martyrs of Japan (1623-1624)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        FACULTY OF FINE ARTS, KYOTO CITY UNIVERSITY OF ARTS BULLETIN, Mar. 2021, Peer-reviewed, Invited, Lead author
      • 【PDF Online】Japan as the Land of Idolatry: The Image of Japan in the Work of Louis Richeome, a Jesuit in Modern France
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        JOURNAL OF THE SCHOOL OF HISTORY, Mar. 2021, Peer-reviewed, Lead author
      • Tha Imago Primi Saeculi (1640) and Jesuit Views on Japanese Martyrs: The Symbolism of Carlo Spinola
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Bulletin of Association for the Study of Kirishitan Culture, May 2020, Peer-reviewed, Lead author
      • 【PDF Online】Fabricating Sanctity: The Beatification Process of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan (1627)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Research Center for Cultural Heritage and Texts (ed.), "HERITEX", Mar. 2020, Peer-reviewed, Invited
      • 【PDF Online】Discourses on Martyrdom in Japan and Rhetoric of Global History
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
      • 【PDF Online】How to make “colored” Japanese Counter- Reformation Saints ―― a study of an iconographic anomaly
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Journal of Early Modern Christianity (Special issue on Early Modern Theologies of Race), Dec. 2017, Peer-reviewed
      • 【PDF Online】Nicolas TRIGAULT Les triomphes chretiens des martyrs du Japon
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Revue de l'histoire des religions, Sep. 2017, Peer-reviewed
      • 【PDF Online】Review of “Silence,” Directed by Martin Scorsese — on the Crossroads of History and Fiction
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Histoire@Politique. Politique, culture, société (Revue scientifique du Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po), Jan. 2017, Peer-reviewed, Invited
      • 【PDF Online】De « martyre global » à « histoire globale » ? Repenser l’écriture de l’histoire du christianisme au Japon
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Diogène : numéro spécial - Histoire globale et religion, Apr. 2016, Peer-reviewed, Invited
      • 【PDF Online】Les aventures de « martyre » entre l’Asie et l’Europe ou les aléas de la traduction
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        MEFRIM : Mélanges de l’École française de Rome, Italie et Méditerranée modernes et contemporain, 2016, Peer-reviewed
      • 【PDF Online】La quête des reliques au Japon (XVIᵉ-XVIIIᵉ siècle)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Archives de sciences sociales des religions, 2016, Peer-reviewed
      • 【PDF Online】Le christianisme chinois en tant qu’hérésie; la capture et l’exécution de missionnaires dominicains dans le Fujian en 1746
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        ASDIWAL; Revue Genevoise d’Anthropologie et d’Histoire des Religions, 2009, Peer-reviewed


      • 【PDF Online/Book Review】Martin Nogueira Ramos, La foi des ancêtres. Chrétiens cachés et catholiques dans la société villageoise japonaise, xviie-xixe siècles, Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2019, 416 p.
        Omata Rappo; Hitomi
        Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales, Jul. 2023, Invited, Lead author
      • 【PDF Online】Martin Nogueira Ramos, La foi des ancêtres: Chrétiens cachés et catholiques dans la société villageoise japonaise XIIᵉ-XIXᵉ siècles.
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Journal of Jesuit Studies, Dec. 2020, Invited
      • Olivier Christin, Introduction du "Dictionnaire des concepts nomades", traduction japonaise et présentation
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Thought/Shiso, Apr. 2017, Peer-reviewed
      • Sato Yoshiaki, "Martyrdom in Christianity"
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Shigakuzasshi, 2006


      • 【主催】Stereotypes Revisited
        Koji, Yamamoto
        Kyoto University, Hakubi Center, 05 Oct. 2023
      • Narratology of Science, Science of Narratology: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Rewinding the History of Science
        【企画・発表】Nobuhiro Minaka; Hitomi Omata Rappo; Toru Matsumoto; Shun Satoh; Fukumi Tsutsumi
        白眉センター後援 シンポジウム, 22 Jul. 2023
      • 【主催】The Past, Present, and Future of Cultural Translation
        Hakubi Center, Kyoto University, 26 May 2023
      • Japan, Korea, and China in Eighteenth-Century French Theater: A Reading of Tragedy, "Les Jammabos" (1779)
        韓国延世大学・成均館大学・東京大学東洋文化研究所・京都大学人文科学研究所合同シンポジウム「『脱境界』:移住、交渉、共生」, 17 Jan. 2023, Invited
      • Considering Martyrdom as a Historical Concept
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO
        Transculturation Research Group, 23 Dec. 2022, Invited
      • Loyola, Xavier, Martyrs : The Sanctity of the Early Jesuits
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO
        Conference of the Society of Christian Culture, 03 Dec. 2022, Invited
      • Conditions for Martyrdom: Testimonies from the Trial for the Beatification of the Twenty-six Saints in Nagasaki
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO
        Joint Research Project "The Formation and Development of Western Views of Japan," at International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 23 Oct. 2022, Invited
      • Witness or be excommunicated? Jesuits converts and Dominicans Friars at the Apostolic Trial of Nagasaki
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ), 02 Jul. 2022
      • Martyrdom in the Japanese context: from the rejection of a foreign concept to the birth of an identity
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        International Conference, Ut Sanguis Martyrum sit semen Christianorum, Palacký University Olomouc, 02 Jun. 2022, Invited
      • 長崎26聖人の列福・列聖とヨーロッパの日本観――200年にわたる殉教の表彰――
        バチカンと日本 100年プロジェクト, 10 Apr. 2022, Invited
      • 普遍と特殊のはざまを垣間見るーー書評『宣教と適応:グローバル・ミッションの近世』によせて
        20 Mar. 2022, Invited
      • De l’idée de la fille parfaite : Les martyrs féminins dans les récits de la mission japonaise (XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Jesuits as promoters of women's holiness from the 16th to the 19th centuryth to the 19th century, 04 Mar. 2022
      • 近世から近代の西欧における日本殉教観の変転
        国際日本文化研究センター共同研究会『西洋における日本観の形成と展開』, 26 Feb. 2022, Invited
      • 偶像・偶像崇拝・暴君の共演ーーイエズス会と日本の宗教
        ReMo(中近世における宗教運動とメディア・世界認識・社会統合)研究講演会シリーズ『中近世宗教史研究の最前線』, 05 Dec. 2021, Invited
      • 16-17世紀に日本で起こった殉教ーーその言説の西欧における形成
        批判的人種・エスニシティ研究会, 21 Nov. 2021, Invited
      • 長崎二十六殉教者の列福(1627)と列聖(1862)
        角川文化振興財団『バチカンに眠る日本の記憶ーー文化と交流450年・教皇の知り得た日本』, 13 Nov. 2021, Invited
      • 16−18世紀 西欧における殉教観の形成
        国際日本文化研究センター共同研究会『西洋における日本観の形成と展開』, 23 Oct. 2021, Invited
      • 殉教をみるということ——近世ヨーロッパにおける日本からの聖遺物
        メトロポリタン史学会第17回大会シンポジウム「前近代世界における宗教運動と文化交流の諸相」, 25 Sep. 2021, Invited
      • 「聖なる肌色と身体的他者性の受容:「日本人」は近世ヨーロッパのキリスト教徒にどのように描かれたのか」(『信仰の世界地図——長崎26聖人信仰の視覚化とその伝播をめぐって』)
        日本西洋史学会第71回大会, 12 May 2021
      • Conférence pour la publication du livre "Des Indes lointaines aux scènes des collèges : les reflets des martyrs de la mission japonaise en Europe" (Aschendorff, 2020), répondant P.A. Fabre
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Séminaire d’histoire des missions d’évangélisation (EHESS), 12 Mar. 2021, Invited
      • 『殉教』という焦点:17世紀の列福制度黎明期における日本殉教者の認定をめぐって
        日本西洋史学会第70回大会, 20 Dec. 2020
      • The Beatification of the Twenty-six martyrs of Nagasaki: a Bridge between the Vatican and Japan
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        角川財団・朝日新聞スペシャル バチカンプロジェクト 特別シンポジウム, 07 Nov. 2020, Invited
      • Japanese martyrs in Imago Primi Saeculi (1640): Jesuits' public discourse on martyrdom
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Society of the Study of Christianity in Japan, 01 Dec. 2019
      • The Role of Crucifixion in the Beatification of the Nagasaki Martyrs
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        The 3rd EAJS Conference in Japan, 15 Sep. 2019
      • Narrating the Lands of Idolatry: Japan and the Ottoman Empire in Early Modern France
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
      • クレスパン、ヴェルステガン、トリゴー ——フランス語圏近世の『殉教伝』の系譜
        関西フランス史研究会, 20 Apr. 2019, Invited
      • Le bouddhisme idolâtre ? Les rites à Cames et Fotoque dans le théâtre jésuite
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Les discours de l’hérésie. Exercices de comparaison Est-Ouest, 04 Mar. 2019, Invited
      • Counter-Reformation Heroes in the Making: The Beatification of 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Kyoto Lecture, EFEO, Kyoto, 14 Feb. 2019, Invited
      • Japanese Martyrs in French Jesuit Drama (late 17th–early 18th century): Between Violence and Bienséance
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Jesuits’ Drama on Martyrs in Japan, 29 Jun. 2018, Invited
      • Jesuit Archeologies of the Crucifixion: From Trent to the Shores of Japan
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        The 64th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, 22 Mar. 2018
      • Comment représenter les martyrs du Japon par l'emblème ? Les héros des terres de mission dans l'Imago primi saeculi (1640)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        11th International Emblem Conference, 03 Jul. 2017
      • Visitors from the “Antipodes”: The Japanese embassy of 1585 as a proof of the triumph of roman Catholicism
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        To the Ends of the Earth, 04 Mar. 2017, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Uni. of Pennsylvania
      • Un voyage dans les terres païennes du Japon imaginaire : La cérémonie dédiée à « Cami » et à « Fotoqué » dans « Chivanus, Bungi rex rex », une pièce de théâtre jésuite par Carlo Bovio (1614-1705)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        宗教的他者性の境界 ――16〜20世紀の旅行記研究, 02 Dec. 2016, Susanne Berthier-Foglar (ILCEA4), Gilles Bertrand (LUHCIE / IUF), Frédéric Meyer (LLSETI) et Andreas Nijenhuis-Bescher (CRULH)
      • Making, writing, drawing true martyrs in Modern Europe: how to make ‘colored’ Japanese Counter-Reformation saints
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Writing on Religion in the Modern Age (XVIth-XVIIIth c.), 14 Sep. 2016, Sangalli Institute
      • La béatification des saints de ‘‘couleur’’. Discours et images des martyrs japonais à l’époque moderne
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Les religions face aux théories et aux politiques de la "race" (XVe-XXIe s.), 01 Jun. 2016
      • Le Japon mis en scène; du Collegio Romano au collège Saint-Michel de Fribourg
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Die Wiederherstellung der Gesellschaft Jesu, 03 Oct. 2014, Invited
      • Die Asien-Mission auf der Bühne: Der Heilige Franz Xaver und das Jesuitentheater
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Kolloquium für Fortgeschrittene: Neuere und lateinamerikanische Geschichte, 27 Apr. 2013, Uni. of Bern, Invited
      • La quête des reliques dans la mission d'Extrême-Orient (XVIIᵉ-XVIIIᵉ siècles)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo
        Les objets des antipodes. Collection, exposition, restitution, 04 Oct. 2011, École française de Rome
      • Le théâtre de collège au XVIII ème siècle
        Nicolas Brucker, Joint work
        Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles, Jun. 2023, Refereed
      • L'IMAGE PENSIVE Devises et emblèmes du XVIe au XXIe siècle
        Paulette Choné; Marie Chaufour; Jean-Jacques Chardin, Joint work, Hitomi OMATA RAPPO
        L'Harmattan, Apr. 2023, Refereed
      • Profiling Saints: Images of Modern Sanctity in a Global World
        Elisa Frei, Joint work, Profiling The Japanese Martyrs
        Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, May 2023, Refereed
      • Iwanami Lectures on World History, Vol. 15: Sovereign States and Revolutions, 15th-18th Centuries
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO, Joint work, Information and Images of Japan in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe
        Iwanami Shoten Co., Mar. 2023
      • 【Monograph】Japan as the Land of Martyrs : The Impact of the Japanese Mission in Early Modern Europe
        Hitomi OMATA RAPPO, Single work
        Nagoya University Press, Feb. 2023
      • Japan on the Jesuit Stage: Transmissions, Receptions, and Regional Contexts
        Haruka Oba; Akihiko Watanabe; Florian Schaffenrath, Joint work, Japanese Martyrs in French Jesuit Drama (Late Seventeenth–Early Eighteenth Century): Between Violence and Bienséance
        Brill, 2021, Refereed
      • 【Monograph on the History of the Martyrdom in Japan】From the Distant Indies to the Scenes of Colleges: the Reflections of the Japanese Martyrs in Europe (16th - 18th century)/Des Indes lointaines aux scènes des collèges: Les reflets des martyrs de la mission japonaise en Europe (XVIe – XVIIIe siècle)
        Hitomi Omata Rappo, Single work, 単著
        Aschendorff, Nov. 2020, Refereed
      • 【PDF Online】A la luz de Roma: Santos y santidad en el barroco iberoamericano. Volumen III. Tierra de santidad
        Fernando Quiles García; José Jaime; García Bernal; Paolo Broggio; Marcello Fagiolo Dell’Arco, Joint work, Death on the Cross; the Beatification of the Twenty-Six Martyrs of Nagasaki (1627) and the Iconography of the Crucifixion
        Roma Tre Press, Sep. 2020, Refereed
      • 【PDF Online】Frontières et altérité religieuse: La religion dans le récit de voyage XVIᵉ-XXᵉ siècle
        Hitomi Omata Rappo, Joint work, Un voyage dans les terres païennes du Japon imaginaire: la cérémonie dédiée à ‘Cami’ et à ‘Fotoqué’ dans ‘Chivanus Bungi rex’, une pièce de théâtre jésuite par Carlo Bovio (1614-1705)
        Presses universitaires de Rennes, Sep. 2019, Not refereed
      • Die Wiederherstellung der Gesellschaft Jesu
        Hitomi Omata Rappo, Joint work, Le Japon mis en scène; du Collegio Romano au collège Saint-Michel de Fribourg
        Freiburger Universitätsverlag, 2019, Not refereed

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • 近世・近代世界におけるトランスカルチュレーションの比較研究
        Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
        Basic Section 03010:Historical studies in general-related
        Aoyama Gakuin University
        安村 直己
        From 01 Apr. 2021, To 31 Mar. 2025, Granted
        Last Updated :2023/09/28


        Teaching subject(s)

        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          Basic course of Modern Culture & History (Seminars)
          8656, Spring, Faculty of Letters, 2
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          Basic course of Modern Culture & History (Seminars)
          8656, Fall, Faculty of Letters, 2
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          Sociology (Seminars)
          7354, Spring, Faculty of Letters, 2
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          Sociology (Seminars)
          7354, Fall, Faculty of Letters, 2
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          European History (Seminars)
          6956, Spring, Faculty of Letters, 2
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          European History (Seminars)
          6956, Fall, Faculty of Letters, 2