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Kawaguchi, Kohei

Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES) Program-Specific Assistant Professor

Kawaguchi, Kohei
    Last Updated :2024/02/29

    Basic Information

    Email Address

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    Professional Memberships

    • 公益社団法人 日本水環境学会

    Academic Degree

    • 23 Mar. 2021

    Academic Resume (Undergraduate School/Majors)

    • 京都大学, 工学部地球工学科, 卒業

    Research History

    • From Oct. 2021, To Present
    • From Nov. 2018, To May 2019
      株式会社あってぃら, 取締役
    • From May 2018, To Nov. 2018


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      Last Updated :2024/02/29


      Research Interests

      • ■上下水道での酸化処理
      • オゾン
      • ヒドロキシルラジカル
      • 次亜塩素酸
      • 次亜臭素酸
      • 過マンガン酸
      • ■消毒副生成物
      • 臭素酸
      • トリハロメタン

      Research Areas

      • Environmental science/Agricultural science, Environmental load reduction/restoration technology
      • Social infrastructure (civil Engineering, architecture, disaster prevention), Civil engineering (environmental systems)


      • A more selective and accurate method than indigo method for measuring dissolved ozone concentration (p-vinylbenzoic acid method)
        Kohei Kawaguchi; Taira Hidaka; Taku Fujiwara
        Water Research, Mar. 2023, Peer-reviewed, Lead author
      • Linear Relationship between Temperature and the Apparent Reaction Rate Constant of Hydroxyl Radical with 4-chlorobenzoic Acid
        Kohei Kawaguchi; Taira Hidaka; Fumitake Nishimura
        OZONE-SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, May 2022, Peer-reviewed, Lead author, Corresponding author
      • Report of Trekking to MasaGang and Jomolhari in 2015: Commemoration of 30th Anniversary of the First Ascent of Mt. MasaGang in 1985 by Kyoto University Alpine Club
        六車 光貴; 原 宏輔; 川口 康平; 青木 俊輔; 秋本 克規; 酒井 英人; 山下 耕; 外園 喜大; 荻原 宏章; 河合 清定
        ヒマラヤ学誌 : Himalayan Study Monographs, 28 Mar. 2016, Peer-reviewed


      • Introduction to Japan's Water and Wastewater Systems and Recent Research Trends for Future Research Collaborations
        Kohei Kawaguchi
        The 7th Kyoto University – Mahidol University on-site laboratory workshop, Feb. 2024
      • New method for measuring dissolved ozone concentration using p-vinylbenzoic acid
        Kohei Kawaguchi; Taira Hidaka; Taku Fujiwara
        Kyoto University ‐ Mahidol University on‐site laboratory workshop, Mar. 2023
      • インジゴ法よりも高精度な溶存オゾン濃度測定方法の開発
        川口 康平, 日高 平, 藤原 拓
        公益社団法人 日本水環境学会年会, Mar. 2023
      • ヒドロキシルラジカルの反応速度定数における温度依存性の測定方法の開発
        川口康平; 日高平; 西村文武
        特定非営利活動法人 日本オゾン協会 第30回年次研究講演会, Nov. 2021
      • ヒドロキシルラジカル反応を含むオゾン処理再現モデルの構築
        川口 康平; 楠田; 育成; 日高; 平; 西村; 文武; 水野 忠雄
        公益社団法人 日本水環境学会年会, Mar. 2020
      • A Performance Prediction Method of Ozonation for the Design of a Typical Ozone Contactor in Japan
        Kawaguchi Kohei; Mizuno Tadao; Nishimura Fumitake
        Kyoto University International Symposium on Education and Research in Global Environmental Studies in Asia, Nov. 2019
      • オゾン、HOラジカル反応を考慮したオゾン処理槽モデルの構築
        川口康平; 水野忠雄; 西村文武
        特定非営利活動法人 日本オゾン協会 第28回年次研究講演会, Jun. 2019


      • 22 Jun. 2023

      External funds: Kakenhi

      • Elucidation of the Mechanism of Seawater Ozonation and Comparison with Chlorination
        Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up
        0303:Civil engineering, social systems engineering, safety engineering, disaster prevention engineering, and related fields
        Kyoto University
        川口 康平
        From 31 Aug. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2025, Granted
        Last Updated :2024/02/29


        Faculty management (title, position)

        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          地球環境学堂 アジアプラットフォーム部会
        • From 01 Apr. 2023, To 31 Mar. 2024
          地球環境学堂 三才学林委員会[国際シンポジウム部会] 委員
          Last Updated :2024/02/29

          Academic, Social Contribution

          Committee Memberships

          • From 2022
            博士フォーラム 幹事学生, 一般社団法人八大学工学系連合会